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Please read this entire page before you send a                     request for Private Consultation 
[কন্সালটেশনের অনুরোধ পাঠানোর আগে এই পেইজের সব                                তথ্য পড়ুন ]

Send your Questions to this email address:
Full legal name is required

2624 Bowen Way SW

Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6W 2J4

Phone: 587 879 4321 


No Walk-ins * Appointment Only

How to Schedule a Private Consultation?

= 4 Easy Steps = 

We try to talk to you within 48 hours after you pay


1- Email your questions to
2 - Wait for a reply from the Consultant.
3 - Pay as advised by the Consultant.
4 - Receive a schedule for the meeting, and call accordingly.


Up to 30 min CAD$100.00;  Up to 45 min CAD$135.00;  Up to 60 min CAD$175.00


Do It Yourself (DIY) Consultation for an hour is available for US$225

Fees are Refundable (see below Agreement for details)    

We Accept Visa, Mastercard & Amex


                                                      How to Pay?    

1. E-transfer from a Canadian bank account to this email address: .
You will need a Canadian bank account for this option. There is only $1 bank fee. Another person may also pay on your behalf.


2. Wire transfer using Western union. Mention your payout amount to Western Union.
You will need this information for this option.
Receiver's name: Mohammad Lokman Gani; Address: 2624 Bowen Way SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6W 2J4, Canada; Phone number 587 879 4321


3. Credit Card: Click on this link and pay:
We accept
VISA, AMEX, & MASTERCARD only. The credit card may be in another person's name too. 
For currency conversion, you may use your bank's exchange rate.


 Meeting Planner:      


This Immigration Consultation Agreement is made this ________ day of _________________, 2023, between Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Mr. Mohammad Gani (the “RCIC”), Membership Number R530501, and Client ____________________________________________ (the “Client”), for the purpose of:

Scope of Work:  Responding to Canada immigration related queries based on client needs. 

The Client is obliged to pay the mutually agreed service fee to confirm a consultation appointment under the following terms and conditions

The consultation fee is paid for a professional consultation only, and it doesn't include any money transfer/postal fees, application/govt./IRCC fees, ECA conducting organization fee, etc.

Immigration advice is normally provided through an in person meeting, video call, telephone or email consultation within 3 business days (Mon-Fri) after the fee is deposited to the Consultant's bank account and all the requested documents (if applicable) are made available for the Consultant's review.


Cancellation of a scheduled appointment and/or Termination of this initial consultation agreement is not permitted. This means, all payments made are final. Rescheduling is acceptable, however.


Refund Policy: The fee received for the consultation will be refunded if the Client engages the Consultant (through making a new payment) for full immigration application processing directly related to the matter consulted within a period of 30 days starting the date of making a payment for the initial-consultation. The Client has to claim this refund if applicable. Also, No Show isn't eligible for a refund.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Alberta and the Federal laws of Canada applicable therein. Please be advised that Mr. Mohammad L Gani is a member in good standing (#R530501) with CICC (formerly known as ICCRC), College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, and as such, is bound by its By-law, Code of Professional Ethics, and Regulations. 

Immigration consultation may or may not result in a Client's expected outcome. Therefore, there is no guarantee, whatsoever, regarding the outcomes of a consultation. Reasonable efforts by both parties (the Consultant & the Client) are to be made to settle any disputes, if arise, while providing this professional service. If still not resolved, the Client may file a complaint to CICC (using the link above) regarding the matter of dispute. However, before filing such a complaint to CICC, the Client must give a written notice to the Consultant/RCIC allowing a minimum of 21 days in order to resolve the issue mutually. In any case, the RCIC's liability is limited to the professional fees paid by the Client less any money/bank transfer fees. 


The Client is not allowed to record the audio/video meeting calls without having prior approval of the Consultant. This is required because of the privacy reasons, and to limit any misinterpretation/inappropriate use of the contents of the consultation by a third party. However, the Client may take as many written notes as possible.


The contents of the consultation are to be considered strictly confidential and this must not be shared/distributed in any form except for legal requirements.

This page is regularly updated based on market study. The Client should save a copy of this page (terms and conditions) for future reference. In absence of such records, the most updated information available on this page will be applied.  


The Client is expected to send an email within 24 hours after a consultation takes place for any follow up questions for clarification purposes. He/she may also include in the email the important takeaways from the consultation held for a written confirmation. Such an email helps minimize any miscommunications whatsoever. Any questions raised after this 24 hour period may be considered a 'new' consultation for a new fee.

The Client must email ( the information below in order to confirm a consultation appointment. 

Client information:  Client is the person who is meant to receive the immigration advice; he/she may not be the person who pays for the services. Another person may also pay for a Client. 


Full Legal Name....  
Current Address: ....
Date of Birth  : ....
Telephone Number: ....
Email address: ....

RCIC/Consultant information:
Name:  Mohammad  L Gani
Membership Number with CICC:   R530501
Address:  2624 Bowen Way SW, Edmonton, Alberta  T6W 2J4, Canada
Telephone Number:  587 879 4321
Email Address:


Please ask questions to clarify any of the conditions mentioned above before making a payment. Making a payment confirms your 100% understanding and agreement.  



Mr. Mohammad L. Gani, RCIC  #R530501
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
A Professional Member of: - CICC, College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, #R530501; - CAPIC, The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants, #R18388

Director, MLG Canada Immigration Services Inc.,    

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