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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Immigrate To Canada

No Walk-ins * Appointment Only * Email for Appointment at


Mohammad L Gani, RCIC
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Saskatchewan Lic. #: 000796

We Serve All Provinces Except For Quebec


     MLG Canada Immigration Services Inc. is a Canadian registered immigration consulting company serving clients worldwide. We are fully authorized by ICCRC, The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, to offer professional immigration services at all levels of Temporary and Permanent Immigration: PR Application, Citizenship, Work/Study permit, LMIA, Visit visa, Refugee claims, H&C Considerations, Super visa, Sponsorship, Immigration Appeals & All other Immigration matters.

     All Canadian registered/licensed Immigration Consultants (RCIC) must have an ACTIVE status with ICCRC. To verify our status, please use the link here: Verify Status with ICCRC

বাংলাদেশে কিভাবে ইমিগ্রেশন প্রতারণা হচ্ছে সে কাহিনী পড়ুন এই লিংক থেকে:

Why should you go to an Immigration Consultant, not a Lawyer?

     You need a Lawyer only if you need to appeal at a Federal Court (FC). This can cost C$5,000 or more, and the process is very lengthy. For ALL other matters, Immigration Consultants offer excellent services. Most Immigration Consultants (RCIC) try their best so that you don't have to go to FC in the first place. 
     Since a Lawyer has access to Federal Court, he/she may not work as hard to prevent you from going to the FC. Because of the cost and time, people usually choose to reapply instead of going to the FC.
   After having a bachelor degree, an Immigration Consultant (RCIC) undertakes a 2-yr long study program which focuses only on immigration matters. But, a Lawyer learns immigration only as one of the many courses in his/her 3-yr long study program. So, a Lawyer's knowledge of  immigration may be limited. 

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