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The Director of MLG Canada Immigration Services Inc., Mr. Mohammad L Gani, is a Registered/Licensed Canadian immigration consultant. His CICC Membership number is R530501. You may verify his status using this link:

Before becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, RCIC-IRB, Mr. ML Gani has served for many years as a licensed Professional Engineer, P.Eng., in Canada. He has earned several university degrees from BUET, Bangladesh (Bachelor degree), University of Twente, The Netherlands (1st Masters Degree), and the University of Toronto, Canada (2nd Masters degree).

In order to become an RCIC-IRB, Mr. Gani had to acquire thorough knowledge and sound understanding on materials on Canadian Immigration Laws, Policies and Procedures through successfully completing ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) approved Immigration Practitioners program in Canada.

He also had to successfully complete a training program to become an IRB certified RCIC. IRB certified RCIC's are legally allowed to represent clients with Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada. Refugee cases, Immigration Appeals, Detention Reviews and such matters are considered by IRB.

Mr. Gani is a prolific writer and an award winning author. He has thousands of readers from different parts of the world. His extraordinary writing skills give him an extra edge in representing immigration clients and cases to the appropriate Canadian authorities which is particularly important when an appeal or review situation arises.

The following are a few highlights about the company:


  • MLG Canada Immigration Inc. is fully authorized to represent clients from any country for Canadian immigration matters. It carries CAD $1,000,000 of “Errors and Omissions Insurance” to protect clients from being treated unfairly. As a result, all the clients served by the company are well protected.

  • The company always makes a preliminary assessment to weigh the chances of being successful for every client. It accepts only the clients with high chances of being qualified for Canada immigration through signing a Retainer's Agreement.

  • MLG Canada Immigration Services Inc. firmly believes in fairness and transparency while dealing with clients. In view of this, the company has an open-fee-policy, meaning, it regularly updates and publishes its recommended fee ranges on the company website while many other immigration consultants do not disclose fee structure on their websites.

  • The company has an easy-to-handle money refund policy for services not yet provided to a client. Please refer to the company Fee Structure for different stages of fee payments for a particular program. 

  • MLG Canada Immigration Services Inc. does not use generic email addresses ending with @yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail, etc.; it uses its own domain instead. Again, client safety/security is always a top priority with the company!

A Professional Engineer-Turned-Immigration Consultant

"We just don't serve our clients, we build a long lasting relationship."

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